Another overview on a Dyno from Aaron @ English Racing **Video**

We have a new video from team member Tony’s trip to English Racing.

From Tony;

“So here is my video of my Evo’s visit to English Racing, I decided to up the ante a bit on my engine mod by going with a used, low mile FP Black Journal Bearing Turbo, FIC 950cc injectors and a SD intake and tune, I want to thank Myles for helping me get all the parts and setting up a date that works best for me. Since I didn’t have that much time on my hands, I had the pros install the turbo, I want to thanks TJ for putting together the kit and doing a couple of things in the engine bay to help the car work.

When we got on the dyno, Aaron worked his magic tuning the engine off of pump and meth injection. The results exceeded my expectations even though we had problems with boost creep (this will be explained in the video). In the interview, I wanted Aaron to explain more about meth injection and what advantages and disadvantages it had on the motor itself, as well as what meth additives are best used in that function. I want to thank Aaron for the great tune, the great insight on the tune, and always putting up with my interviews.

Thank you Team English for your great support!”


Engine Mods before:
Stock block/head
Stock Turbo
Buschur Racing SMC Stage 2 Alcohol kit w/100% Denatured Alcohol
Hallman MBC
Helix 76mm TBE
Helix Test Pipe
Helix 720cc Injectors
Wablro 255 Fuel Pump
ETS 3.5 Full Mini Battery intercooler Kit
ETS Intake
ARP Head Studs
HKS 280 I/E Camshafts
HKS Cam Gears
Modern Auto Performance O2 Dump Housing
Mishimoto Radiator
Samco Hoses
Tunned By Aaron @ English Racing
386Awhp/370Awtq @ 27PSI

New mods:
FP Black Journal Bearing
Buschur Racing ported and polished stock exhaust manifold
FIC 950cc injectors
SD Conversion w/intake and tune

Tuned By Aaron @ English Racing
484awhp/354awtq @ 27 PSI on 92 pump/100% denatured alcohol injection

Evo 8 RS/ER LR2.4L/ETS HTA 3586/GSC S3/E85 **Video**

YouTube Preview Image

Filmed by our member Tony, “Made a video of Keith’s/RoninVIIIRS Evo 8 RS, also did another interview with Aaron on his insight on the build. Another awesome build! Another awesome tune! Another awesome Evo!! Thanks Aaron, Lucas, and Team English for helping that day.”


Import Face-Off June 3rd, 2012 Pacific Raceways

June 3 – Kent, WA – Pacific Raceway (3rd annual)

TEAMInnovationsNW will be there to represent!!


More details:

2012 RACE POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP: The Import Face-Off Race Points Championship is for Heads Up class racers only. Racers will receive 10 points for every elimination round won at each 2012 event. Champions will be chosen for Top 8/16 qualifier classes (FWD/FIP/FIS) and for Top 4/8 qualifier classes (AMP/AMS/OL) for 5 different colored regions (see map). In the event of a points tie, winners will be determined by most events attended. If points are still tied after amount of points and events attended, winners will be determined by furthest total distance traveled for the season. All race points winners will receive trophy plus free race and crew entry (limit 3) to all 2013 IFO events. All champions will also have their picture (car, driver, and crew) featured on a full page mention in the March, 2013 issue of Performance Auto and Sound magazine. Overall points winner will receive a $2000 Lightning Motorsports certificate.

2012 CAR SHOW POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP: Car show contestants will receive 10 points for each class trophy won or 50 points for each Best of Show win at all 2012 events. Champions will be chosen for 5 different colored regions (see map). The top 10 competitors with the most points for each region (50 total) will have their name and picture (car and drive) featured on a 2 page mention in the March, 2013 issue of Import Tuner magazine.

2012 CAR CLUB POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP: Car clubs will receive 10 points for competing, 20 points for winning Best Club Participation, or 30 points for Best Club Representation at all 2012 IFO events. Champions will be chosen for 5 different colored regions (see map). Each regional Champion must compete at a minimum of 3 events throughout the year. Overall and regional points Champion will have their picture and club feature in the March, 2013 issue of Super Street magazine.


4/17/11 Pacific Raceway Test & Tune Day

YouTube Preview Image

Me and a few buddies went down to Pacific Raceways for the Test & Tune on Saturday, It turned out to be a really clear and warm day (thank God). Everyone was having a blast. To some of us, it was the first time clocking the evos, so it was a fun experience for them. All in all it was a blast. Didnt see that much evos besides us. We did meet another evo owner with a custom blue paint job (sorry if I forgot your name) it was nice meeting you.
Well enjoy the vid