Stance Wars 2011

All cars will be pre-registered

To insure the highest quality for the Seattle area your car will have to be submitted and approved by the “PNW Commission”

All Cars will be provided with 20×20 booths to display there cars in , its highly encouraged to create a theme and go for it

The more radical ,extreme, outrageous your booth is the more recognition you will achieve in the PNW Scene

Pre registration applications will start at end of April

Pre Registration required
Limited to just 100 cars

Peep the vendor list below
Static mode +4 vendor +4 standard (plus +2 VIP)+10 VIP parking passes ( terry VO)
NOS +4 vendor +4 standard (plus +2 VIP) ( terry VO)
NW-built +4 vendor +10 VIP parking passes ( Zack Taiji or adam king)
NWN +4 vendor +10 VIP parking passes (Isaiah Roberts)
LCM Lower class men +4 vendor
NWMotiv +4 vendor ( David or Josh)
NWAS Northwest Auto Salon +4 vendor +10 VIP parking passes +4 standard
AirLift +4 vendor ( corey or Pat)
MKippen Photobooth +2 vendor ( free car show spot)
PODI +4 vendor
425 +2 vendor ( ian or Jeff)
DirtFish +2 vendor ( Greg Lund)

When & where July 3rd @ Bellevue College 5-10 PM.

Pre-Registration here

More here